Founded by Coach Marcus Charles, this Chicago-based group fuses the best martial arts systems from around the world. JKD/Kali, Combat Submission Wrestling, and MMA are all combined to create a complete self-defense system.
PFS, JKD, Kali, Inosanto Martial Art Blend, CSW, STX, MKG, ISSA, ACE (Fitness needs, weight loss, strength training.)  
We are a complete Martial Art and Fitness group that is always on the cutting edge of training. Whethet you want sport, self defense, personal development or just something to be part of, we have a program for you.
Certification and/or training in any or all systems with the Southside Kali twist!!!


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    "What a great weekend. Look for Marcus to be a big success in the Chicago area! great group and a great attitude, I "MAY" have eaten pretty well, guess it's back in the gym tomorrow. Thanks everyone." Rick Faye

    "Marcus has been training for a long time...he is in the attempt for the ultimate fighting system. He has found the right teachers for thet ultimate street and sport systems available today. Now he is a coach in both sides of self defense and sport fighting for mma. Keeping it real is the best mentality for all he is the real deal!" Erik Paulson

    "One of the best PFS/JKD practitioners I have met. He is very open-minded on what works and on what you need to know to survive in these chaotic times. I was much honored to have train under Marcus for a short time and did some training with Sifu Cruse, which Marcus highly advised, and I must state again that this was a true honor. I hope to train some more in PFS do to my job, make my rounds learning with the other PFS/JKD practitioners I find, and return to where I started to complete my knowledge and skills with Marcus."  Officer Kelly

     "After training with Marcus for only a few months, I know I'm in the right hands for combative self defense. He not only shows you techniques and useful drills to apply them, but he understands the mindset you need so your personal JKD experience will constantly be evolving and not become stagnant."  Joseph S. Burke III

      "Marcus is the real deal. Everything he teaches has been taught and tested through real world experience. He's a true student of the JKD philosophy and an incredible teacher of the martial way." Troy Bennett

    "Marcus is a good friend and a Brother. He has definately been one of the coolest martial influences on me and the way I see the martial disciplines now. Respect and Hor Always Bro."  Karl S. Carlysle

    "Sifu Marcus's Bio is very impressive.He Seems to be very knowledgable. He lives 11 miles from me and I hope to meet him sometime. His website is very informative and very professional." Terry Brady

    "Marcus is the best JKD/Kali instructor I know and I am proud to call him sensei and to be his grasshopper, plus he one hell of a boxing partner. Marcus does a phenomenal job of teaching and showing techniques and works very well with his students. In my opinion the best teachers are those who teach and entertain at the same time and know one does it better than Marcus.If anyone wants to learn from the best come to FLO" Kurt Raube

    "I consider Marcus Charles,both a friend and senior JKD brother.Marcus,has a tremendous amount of skill,knowledge,and most importantly experience. His teaching ability is professional being that Marcus,is able to teach at all levels.He is what every martial artist should strive to be,and a reflection of the great instructors he has training under." William Zeason

    "Mr. Charles is a great instructor who works well with all ages from children to adults. His passion for martial arts is astonishing and ability to teach so well is exactly what you want in an instructor. Marcus is equally great inside and outside the martial arts wall. " THE ONE AND ONLY, Jonathan Manos

    "Marcus is an outstanding instructor who makes it easy to learn concepts and techniques. His passion for JKD motivates me not only to become a better martial artist, but a better person as well. I am extremely lucky to be one of his students." Jim Schaff

    "I am a current student of Mr. Charles in Chicago. His classes & teachings have provided me enjoyment along with an appreciation and respect for this martial art. I look forward to continuing my training with Mr. Charles in PFS."

    "I have known and trained with Marcus for over 10 years. His dedication to the arts and his students is inspiring. He is always willing to go that extra mile. He is a great instructor and person "

    "Marcus has been teaching JKD/Kali at FLO MMA in Palatine for the last year. His classes fit perfectly with our style and attitude. He is dedicated to the art and very enthusiastic about teaching. I am very glad to have him part of my staff." Achour Esho


    Jeet Kune Do (JKD)

     "Jeet Kune Do (JKD) combines techniques taken from other martial arts; the trapping and short-range punches of Wing Chun, the kicks of northern Kung Fu styles as well as Savate, some footwork found in Fencing and the techniques of Western Boxing, among others. It should be noted that JKD is not a hybrid system, rather, it is Bruce Lee's individual "interpretation" of the martial arts.

    eet Kune Do in its literal term means way of interception. It was a term coined by Bruce Lee However, as it is taught it represents a concept of find what particular style and or fighting method works for each individual. Every person is unique in there own way and will not fit into a certain martial art as well as another. This class is taught to help each person find there own way of in discovering what fighting method works best for them. We focus not on technique but drills and training methods in order to get students functional and helping them apply what they learn to any self defense and or sport situation." © ~Marcus Charles


    "Kali, Escrima and Arnis are all essentially the same martial art, all originating from different areas of the Philippines. Kali was originally used as a method of fighting off the invading Spanish. It is now widely practiced both in the Philippines and abroad. Kali utilizes weapons such as sticks, knives, and swords. The typical Kali/Escrima weapon is the Escrima sticks. Techniques without weapons are also taught such as kicking, striking and grappling, locks, controls and disarm. Kali is arguably one of the best arts for learning to use or defend against knives.

    Kali is a fighting method developed by the Filipinos over centuries of defending invaders such as the Spanish Portuguese Japanese etc. its a weapons based art that applies empty hands not as a separate part but blended together with weapons. Its main focus is training methods not as much as on technique. That is why it is a perfect addition and is tight hand in hand with our JKD program. Kali has been proven in combat and has been seen many current movies such as The Bourne Identity Series, 300,  The Immortals." © ~Marcus Charles